Boston Garage Door Springs

Boston Garage Door Springs

If you have a broken, snapped, corroded spring call Boston Garage Doors now and we will send a technician nearest to you to come out and fix it. Our garage door company in Boston has technicians all over the Jersey area serving a wide range of customers for years. We have a very trusted reputation because of our experience and satisfied customers. We provide the highest quality service with the most economical prices to fit your budget. Boston Garage Doors believes that the more referrals we have the better our business will do so we treat our customers with the utmost respect and each job with equal importance to maintain our expected standards. Call Boston Garage Doors now for an estimate for spring repair.

If you call Boston Garage Doors you will get $20 off of a spring repair.

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If you hear a constant loud banging noise while opening your garage door then chances are the spring is broken. If it is, do not attempt to fix it on your own. Even if you think you are saving money by learning how to replace a garage door spring on youtube, it is very risky and not worth trying. You can seriously injure yourself or someone else and cause more damage to your garage door. Boston Garage Doors will send someone over to repair your spring immediately or install a brand new one.

Although by not paying for labor may seem like your saving money you may not realize that there is a chance a job can be done incorrectly or not inspected thoroughly enough to make sure the job done will last for a very long time. If you do not call a licensed technician and do the job incorrectly, you can wind up spending more money than what you could have spent in the first place because more damage has been done to your door. Don’t stress yourself out call Boston Garage Doors and we will take care of you.

Our experienced professionals will do the job fast and efficiently for a very reasonable price. It’s not worth the safety of yourself or loved ones to save a few bucks and fix it yourself; Boston Garage Doors tech squad does spring repairs on the daily and there is nothing that they cannot handle. Our technicians fix extension and torsion springs on any type of door whether it’s commercial or residential.


Boston Garage Doors repairs/installs/replaces and provides:

  • Single Torsion Spring Alternative for light garage doorways
  • Double Torsion Alternative for heavy garage doorways
  • Torsion Springs
  • Extension Springs
  • One-piece garage door springs
  • Extended Lifespan Torsion Spring (for heavy traffic commercial doors)
  • Converting a non-standard garage door spring
  • Complete door adjustment
  • Tightening and aligning of all moving parts
  • Lubrication of all moving parts
  • Conversion of extension to torsion springs
  • Extension spring alternative for both single vehicle garages and double vehicle garages
  • Garage door balance operation
  • Garage Door opener function

All of Boston Garage Door Spring Replacements include High Cycle Oil Tempered Springs which makes the life cycle of the garage door springs 3 times longer. Many garage door companies have a spring life cycle of 10,000 whereas ours is tripled that!

You can always count on Boston Garage doors because we tend to any customers with an emergency because we have 247 emergency services! So if you’re garage door spring snapped in the middle of the night, call us now and we will be able to help you!

Our garage door company in Boston has the fastest turnaround responses, guarantees 100% satisfaction and provides valuable coupons for our online customers. Boston Garage Doors is highly customer oriented and we do what we can to fit your needs.

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